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How to Start a blog for Free

It’s no wonder that nearly 4.72 billion people have access to the internet globally, especially in this pandemic when 79% of businesses have moved towards the internet to reach their audience. That’s why the online business is today the most effective way to reach out to your customers.

From mobile devices to PCs, everyone today has access to Internet-enabled devices, and that’s why the trend of online business is growing day by day. If you also have your own business and your company is not claiming a space on the internet, trust us, you are missing out on a huge segment of potential customers.

No matter what your niche is, it’s crucial to start your website and cover your potential online customers. With a website, you can showcase your portfolio, sell your products to online customers, make new potential customers, and lastly, a website reflects your company’s image and its authenticity.

How to Start a Blog for Free

How to Start a Blog for Free

Now that you know the importance of a website for your business. We know the question that might appear in most minds is how the hell can we create a website? That’s why in this article, we’ve written an ultimate guide on everything you need to know about starting a website and a step-by-step guide on how you can start a website for free.

First of all, to start a website, you need to know the two types of websites. You can either invest your money to create a professional website, or you can launch a complete website for free without investing a single buck. But, in this article, we’ll mainly focus on creating a free website through WordPress. So let’s get into it:

Choose the Niche for your Website’s blog

Before starting up, you must choose the niche in which you want to work. Did you know a niche word comes from needs? In simple language, a niche is also called your website category. Here are a few things to consider before choosing your niche.

  • If your niche is on a trending topic, you’re going to get more traffic because people are searching on it, and search engines are searching for websites based on those niches.
  • Suppose you work on a common and trendy niche. There is a possibility that thousands of websites are already covering this niche. So we advise you to always choose a niche in which you are interested.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Free Blog website

So now, if you’re reading this section, it means you want to create a free website for your business, right? Besides investing hundreds of dollars in launching a website, it’s better first to start a free website and reach out to your potential online customers and then upgrade it if necessary.

Sounds cool, right? However, there’re a few things that you might need to consider before starting a free website:

  • First of all, free domain providers like websites get, and Wix will add their watermark to your domain. For example, if you have a domain like article.com but in a free domain, you’ll have to face a watermark, e.g., article.websitespot.com, article.wixsite.com, article.tumblr.com, and all that.
  • You’ll have to face too many size compressions in free hosting, e.g., compression of 10Mb video into 6Mb and 39Mb video into 12Mb. However, if you do not have a video editing, graphics, or photography niche and general website article, this size compression will not affect your website.
  • Ad networks like Google AdSense, Infolinks, and Media.net are most likely to reject free hosting sites. Therefore, you can’t get approval from these ad networks.

If you’re comfortable with these terms, starting a free website or website is an excellent thing!

Essential Things of Website Building

Essential Things of Website Building

If you’re a newbie in website development and don’t know the w of website building. You don’t need to be worried, and you can create a whole website by yourself. Below we’ve explained some of the key terms that you need to know if you’re new to website development:

Domain Name:

When creating your website, domain is the most important thing which you’ll need. It is basically your website’s name and the address through which visitors can access your website and Search Engines can redirect the visitors to your website’s URL.

Basically, the domain name is accredited by ICANN that manages the domains of every website on the internet. Website domain names can be anything but it’s recommended to match the domain name with your brand name.

However your domain name must be unique as there should be no other side existing on that domain. Otherwise, you can’t use that domain.

Hosting of your website

You’ll need a web-hosting with a domain name to set up your website. Web hosting is a term used in website development in which your website’s all data is saved on a secure server. To store your files on a server, you’ll need to pay a service company so that you can use their servers to store your web content. But, in our case, you can use WordPress’s free web hosting as a starter of your website. Without it, you can’t run your website, and people can’t access your site.

Content Management Systems

Content management systems such as WordPress, websites, and Wix allow users to create and manage digital content; websites. From there, a user can create a full-fledged website without any coding or expertise. Because they use the editor based on GUI, allowing the user to create a complete website with just drag and drop functions. WordPress is one of the most used CMS. Unbelievably, 64 million websites on the internet are built on WordPress. Because it’s effortless, provides better controls and features, and most importantly, it’s more secure than any other CMS.

How to Start a blog on WordPress for Free

How to Start a blog on WordPress for Free

The central part of this article is how to start a website on WordPress for free. Since you will not purchase or invest anything for your websites, such as buying hosting, domain name, and theme, you don’t need to go outside WordPress. Instead, we\ll guide you to set up everything through WordPress. So let’s get into it:

Sign-up on WordPress

The first thing you’ve to do is visit the official WordPress website and sign-up there. You need to enter a valid email address that is not being used on WordPress already. Then enter a strong password; the password should be strong enough to prevent the hacking of your website. Again, then enter a username of your account that the system will display in your account dashboard.

You can speed up the process of signing up, if you sign-up using Google or Apple ID.”

Enter website Information

You need to enter your website information, such as the website name, category, and goals. The website name will appear in the back code of your website and the title of your website. The category and goals will help WordPress understand your niche and suggest some themes related to your niche.

Select the domain of your website

On the next page, you’ll have to select the domain of your website. All you’ve to do is enter your website’s domain, and the system will search for the available domains for your website. However, the domain should be unique because it’s the URL by which people can access and visit your website.


For uploading the content on your website, you also need to host your website on someone’s server. Of course, you’ll need to pay the hosting company to host your website on the internet. However, in a free website, WordPress will host your website with some compression ratios.

Design of  your Website

Now you’re ready to go, and your website is live on the internet. However, one thing you’ll need in the end is the design of your website. By default, WordPress will apply the basic theme (design) to your website. However, you can customize it or install any other free 3rd party themes from the internet. Below we’ve mentioned some of the best professional themes for your WordPress site:

If you think that it’s hard to create and design your own website, we have a solution for you! We offer quality packages for web design to help you start your website now! Click on the link and fill in the form if you are interested, we are happy to help you.

How to Install a WordPress Theme

How to Install a WordPress Theme

Now your website is settled up, live on the internet, and you’ve finalized your theme. The last step you’ve to do is to install your theme on the WordPress website. Below we’ve written a guide to do so:

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Go to Appearance and select Themes.
  3. Click on Add New.
  4. Click on the Upload button and choose your .xml file.
  5. Confirm your upload, and your theme will install on the WordPress website.

SEO of Your Website, the Basics!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It plays a vital role in sending real traffic to your site. Did you know websites such as YouTube, Neil Patel, Amazon, and BBC, their 70% traffic comes from search engines alone? This shows how vital SEO optimization is for the traffic of your website. 

SEO optimization is basically about optimizing your website for search engines to understand your website’s content quickly. They rank your website on relevant searches because search engines are then reassured that the searches they are showing are relevant to the user’s search. The better your content is optimized for search engines, the higher your site will rank on those engines. That’s how the term SEO works.

Some of the SEO Basics:

  • SSL Certificate (HTTPS) – Secure your website
  • Page speed – Your website should be loading fast
  • Write Headings (H1, H2,H3..) with your keywords
  • Add photos with Alt text of your keywords
  • Write beautiful meta descriptions for your pages, posts and categories to rank on Google
  • Focus on long-tail keywords (more than 3 keywords) to rank higher and faster
  • Write useful content that your audience needs to read about

Earn Through Your Website

No matter which type of website you’ve created. You worked hard, and earning money through a website is not so difficult. If it’s done in the right way, you can earn a lot of money. Don’t think that you’ll get richer just after creating the website, but you can reduce this time if you do genuine and proper work.

Now there are many ways from which you can earn money. In starting, you can join an ad network to show ads on your website and earn money from those ads. You can also use affiliate marketing, where you’ll market other’s products and earn a commission from every sale made by your reference.

In conclusion, in this blog post, I broke down the topic about how to start a blog for free on WordPress, and the steps to achieve it. Also, I mentioned some things like how to install a WordPress theme, the essential things of website building and some of the SEO basics every website should do.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask, we are open to hear from you by submitting your comment below to discuss it! I hope this blog post was a great informative piece of content that gave you inspiration and boost on how to start a blog for free.

How to Start a Blog for Free (WordPress)
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