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How to use Quora to boost SEO

Before getting right into today’s topic about how to use Quora to boost the SEO of your website, firstly let me introduce you to what is Quora.  Quora is doubtless one of the biggest forums and communities on the internet along with Reddit.

People use it to post things like inquiries, problems, questions, opinions, and other similar things. Also, they use it to discuss topics about SEO, SEM, Web design, Keyword research and Digital Marketing in general.

In today’s blog post I am going to explain to you, how you can use Quora to benefit you as a way to improve the SEO of your website and more, so stay tuned until the end.

What is Quora and How to use it for SEO?

Since 2009 which it was created, Quora has been the leader in forums or community websites about on-point answers to questions.

With Quora, you can easily improve your SEO, and also it can help you find ideas for content to write about.

For example, you can find some questions about “how can I create a sitemap for my website.”

This is a great opportunity to write a nice blog post about how to create a sitemap, and then publishing it.

How to Use Quora for SEO and Content Marketing

How to Use Quora for SEO and Content Marketing

How to use Quora to boost the SEO – 2021

How to use Quora to boost the SEO - 2021

1. Create a Nice looking Quora Profile

The first step to look unique and special to the community is to build a real and detailed Quora profile, with the brand name of your business at the beginning and keep every information about you and your business legit.

The reason for that is when the details you wrote for you seem legitimate, then people will likely tend to trust you more.

You might be thinking now assuming that not everybody has the time or the need to look right into someone’s profile, but I promise you that this is a very wrong thought about that.

Why? Because at Quora, each time you write an answer to an inquiry, a small piece of your profile can be visible to other people.

Just because of this, make sure that your bio is well-written, informative and special.

Also provide some links that point to your website. This will help you by building some useful backlinks to enhance your backlink profile and your SEO as well.

In addition, another benefit of building links on Quora is that they are Do-Follow links which means that they have a great role in the quality of backlinks.

So, make sure to create a unique and authentic Quora profile.

2. Search and Answer Questions

This point does not make any sense about improving your SEO but is an excellent method to enhance your brand awareness and build your business.

So, if you don’t like to read it, feel free to skip to the third point of the list.

As I said before at the beginning, Quora is all about inquiries and answers, that is the general mindset of this platform.

The best way to search and answer questions that are related to your brand’s niche is just to type some relevant keywords and then hit enter to find some related questions.

Then, the only thing you have to do is to answer them in the best way you can, by including as much useful information as you can to satisfy and help a potential reader.

Although, on the Quora communities you can also vote on previous answers posted by other people if they are exactly on point, and they cover 100% of the question.

This may help you by showing off your brand’s expertise to the person who asks the question and to the visitors as well.

This small strategy below does not only help you by notifying your audience about your digital presence but also is a nice way to promote your business.

However, apart from that, a great thing about Quora and content is that it automatically starts to show you related questions that you have previously searched for, engaged such as replying.

3. Find new SEO Keywords and Opportunities

Search Engine Optimization on Quora is the main thing about this blog post and I am sure that most of you are waiting for this.

So, let’s get started.

One of the most important things of SEO is to target the best keywords for your business, isn’t it? Searching SEO keywords and optimize your content for them is vital and which keywords should use and which not is also important.

Did you know that Quora can help you find the right keywords according to your niche and brand? Let’s see how you can accomplish that. The best way to use Quora for doing an SEO keyword search is to copy the URL of an answer or just copy a sentence and place it into the keyword planner.

In this way, you know the best keywords for your niche’s brand, and you also get to know an example of the keywords that your competitors are using.

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4. Build Links and Backlinks

Getting backlinks from other websites may be hard to achieve, but Quora is here to also help you with link building!

Quora links don’t require hard work and try, because you build your own links that point right on your website.

It sounds interesting, right?

Yes, it is. The only “hard” thing you only should do is to have great pieces of content which are helpful for someone who wants to find out some answers.

So, apart from content marketing, to get benefited from this you must complete your profile with relevant links to your website and respond to questions with informative answers with relevant links to your website blog or pages.

That way, you get traffic and Do-Follow backlinks to enrich your SEO strategy!

5. Market your Content

Quora is getting more and more popular across the years, so the possibility of reaching people and marketers that are willing to promote your business is possible.

You are able to find people that may see your business as interesting and valuable. So, there is a chance to meet and build strong relationships through this marketing.

Opportunities are always anywhere!

Summing up, in this blog post I wrote some useful tips on How to use Quora to boost the SEO of your website. In the beginning, I wrote about what is Quora in some words and after I mentioned 5 ways to use Quora for SEO and Content Marketing.

If you have any questions, you can write them down in the comments section and I am happy to discuss them together.

How to use Quora to boost the SEO – 2021
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